The design concept reflects the community's desire for cultural and natural diversity. Eight unique room-like garden spaces will feature of an aspect of the Southern California landscape.

The Grove

A dense tree grove anchors the western edge of the park, adjacent to Stewart Street. Mature ficus trees saved from the construction of the Expo Line will enhance the environment and provide instant shade.

The Watershed Garden

In the dry season, this garden will become arroyo-like, with seating provided by larger boulders among riparian native plants. When it rains, the garden will collect and treat stormwater runoff. Sycamore trees will provide shade for visitors, and a raised jetty-esque path will allow for circulation.

The Bird Garden

This habitat will welcome and celebrate the many species of birds found in our region. Ribbed structures, planted with vines and interspersed with mounded shrub areas, will attract birds and observers alike. Exercise stations will provide an opportunity for physical activity. 

The Meadow

An open lawn will accommodate gatherings, informal field sports, or picnics. 

The Community Pavilions

Located in the center of the park, this area will essentially be the living room. Two pavilions and a plaza will provide space for people to come together for celebrations and gatherings. 

The Rock Garden

Natural elements will reflect the landscape found in nearby mountains, providing space for children to play and discover among boulders and logs as parents supervise from nearby picnic areas. These natural play features will be balanced with universally accessible play equipment. 

The Learning Garden

This Community Garden-like room will feature fruit trees and enclosed raised garden beds. The City and community members will collaborate on maintaining and caring for this space. Learning opportunities will teach people about local flora, sustainable gardening, and harvesting.

The Forest

A soft, wooded garden will anchor the eastern end of the park, complimenting the mature ficus tress found in The Grove. A demonstration garden will be planted under oak trees to display native and climate-appropriate plants for our region.